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How Nedd Brockmann became an Australian legend in 47 days

The We Are Mobilise team watched in awe as Nedd Brockmann made history on Monday the 17th of October, crossing the finish line and completing his run across the country. Nedd made a callout on his Instagram to be at Bondi at 5:30pm – to get down and show their support, and the people listened.

Bursty-Nedd Brockmann Instagram Picture: Gregg Porteous

The beach was packed with people, as thousands of Australians invested in the story of Nedd cheered him on, hoping to catch a glimpse as he ran by to cross the finish line. It was an absolutely momentous event that we at Mobilise couldn’t be prouder to be a part of.

Our goal has always been to start conversations for change, to unite the nation in the fight against homelessness. It’s clear to see that Nedd has done just that and more by getting the country talking about his journey, his story and his goal of raising one million dollars for homelessness through We Are Mobilise.


“When I moved to Sydney, I saw a lot of Homelessness and I wanted to make a change. No-one should not have a bed to sleep on in this country, we’ve got everything at our fingertips, it’s something I’d like to change, and I hope that I’ve made some ground on in that aspect”

Nedd Brockman, after completing his run across the country

We can safely say that he’s made a bit more than some ground on that aspect, with the final donation total coming in an unbelievable $2.5 million. Donators like the Melbourne Rebels Rugby Club, Puma & the NSW government all came through with hugely generous donations in the final hours. 

The run was capped off with an IG live telethon, hosted by Hamish Blake, where Jimmy Barnes shared a special version of working class man preformed for Nedd. Congratulations poured in from all across the country, including from Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, the hosts of the today show, Ash Barry and so many more

Bursty-Nedd Brockmann Instagram Picture: Gregg Porteous

“Watching Nedd Brockmann cross the line and achieve his dreams showed to me that anything is possible and that we should never put a limit on what we believe we can do to make a difference in the world.”

Noah Yang, Founder of We Are Mobilise

One thing we always consider at Mobilise is ‘In a country as prosperous as Australia, why does anyone have to sleep on the streets?’ the answer is simple, no-one should have to and when we come to think of who will create this solution we’ve always posed the question, ‘Why Not Us?’

This question and this sentiment is at the very heart of our organisation and is carried out through the actions and mindset of our volunteers. No-one personifies these values better than Nedd Brockmann.

Who should be offering supplies, essentials and kindness to those on the streets – Why not us?

Who should be advocating for those who are experiencing homelessness – Why not us?

Who should be trying to develop solutions for those experiencing homelessness in this country – Why not us?

And so with this in mind, as the greatest ambassador that we ever could have hoped for, Nedd looked at the challenge of running across the country from Perth to Sydney and thought ‘Why not him?’

Nedd runs across the country – Picture: Bradley Farley

He absolutely smashed his goals and during his thank-you speech at Bondi he said casually ‘and to Mobilise, here is $1.5 million.’ (Final total ended at $2.5 million)

Nedd may be finished his run, but his story is far from over and after 8 years of volunteer, grassroots efforts, running outreaches and starting conversations for change, Mobilise now finds itself at the starting line of a new chapter for our movement. Now, with the resources and the eyes of the nation on us, we are more determined than ever to change the state of homelessness in the country and make things better for those 1 in 200 Australians that experience it.

Now more than ever the words we live by ‘Why Not Us?’ repeat in our minds and ring true, but they’re now accompanied by another powerful idea, ‘What Would Nedd Do?’ The answer to that question will always be beautifully simple. 

So what would Nedd do? Set big, lofty goals to change the world and stop at absolutely nothing to achieve these goals; we feel the exact same.

If you’ve been inspired by the story of Nedd and Mobilise, then you can be a part of the change. 

Here are some ways to get involved:

$4 a week donation to pledge your ongoing support of our mission:

Learn how to have your own conversations on the street:

Join us for an outreach via our Mobilise Outreach FB Group:

Andrew Sloman

Andrew has recently joined the Board after initial conversations with Anthony and Noah where they expressed a desire to source risk, governance and financial expertise to the organisation and would Andrew recommend anyone from his networks.

So taken was Andrew with the organisation, the mission, strategy and people that he decided to contribute himself and leverage his 30 years experience as a registered company auditor, risk and internal audit practitioner.

As a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, you can often find him criss crossing the Tasman Sea and mumbling the occasional word of Te Reo Maori. He also holds governance roles as a Board Member of the Victorian Local Governance Association and is an independent member of Risk Committees at the Richmond Football Club and the A.G. Coombs Group.

He is passionate about managing risk in sectors including charities/not-for-profits, Local Government, Sport and Sport Infrastructure, and you will find him most weekends at the MCG cheering on his beloved Tigers.

Jenna Downer

Having spent the last decade working across corporate and philanthropic partnerships, across both National Sporting Organisations, and international not-for-profits, Jenna is passionate about the human experience, believing we all have opportunity, and the responsibility to improve to world of tomorrow.

With attitude of curiosity, and a knack commercialising programs, Jenna creates value for organisations seeking to make tangible social impact, championing sustainable development principles across commercial and philanthropic partnerships. 

With a career built around relationships and networks, weekends mean are a change of pace, often spent at the dog park with a great Melbourne-brewed coffee in hand.

Trent Milvain

Trent is the Chief Operating Officer of Law Squared.

He has overseen the firm’s growth over the past eight years alongside Demetrio Zema and the business, laying and executing the firm’s strategy–from new legal and non–legal service lines to integrating teams across Australia, United Kingdom, and most recently an office in Auckland, New Zealand.

A sample of Trent’s responsibilities includes leading the firm’s culture, capability, and day-to-day operations.

His strategic approach has also led to the establishment of a Legal Technology function that provides helps corporate legal departments optimise their legal operations & technology.

Trent advises a Melbourne-based FinTech and is a founding board member for We Are Mobilse which is on a mission to positively transform the lives of those facing homelessness across Australia.

Previously, Trent worked as a Commercial Manager for one of Australia’s leading retail groups and has advised a construction firm in Melbourne.

In his free time, Trent enjoys learning and experiencing new things, spending time with friends and family, and watching live sports.

Chris King

Chris King

Chris is one of the founding volunteers of We Are Mobilise, which started in 2016 and has served as a director on the board since its conception.

Early in his time with We Are Mobilise, Chris realised the power of conversation and was troubled by the isolation that those facing homelessness felt. It became clear that the isolation was feeding a disconnect, not only from society but also from their sense of humanity; compelled by this, Chris continued to do what he could to recognise, acknowledge and help those living with homelessness.

Over the years, his role has changed from a more hands-on approach running the volunteer marketing team to a more strategic role assisting the full-time staff to grow We Are Mobilise to its most impactful state.

In his day job, although rarely just during the day, Chris is a founding employee of the creative business Bullfrog, specialising in communications, commercialisation and innovation. He primarily works across Production and Client Management for various national and international companies.

Anthony Alsop

Anthony Alsop

Attracted by the impact of multiple outreach experiences in 2022, Anthony joined the board of We Are Mobilise that year before assuming the role of Chief Marketing Officer in 2023.

His career journey spans the sports industry, with stints at the Australian Football League’s Richmond Football Club and Brisbane Lions as well as Tennis Australia, and Channel 7. Beyond our Aussie borders, he left his mark in the hustle and bustle of New York with the National Basketball Association.

Anthony’s passion is storytelling, having created documentaries, TV shows, and podcasts throughout his career. He’s not just a behind-the-scenes guy; he’s been in the executive hot seat and led communications during his tenure within the AFL. He leads our marketing function and infuses his unique storytelling into our branding, communications, partnerships, and fundraising efforts.

Off the clock, you’ll find Anthony playing basketball, at the movies, or hanging out with family and friends. Catch him in action from his appearance on ABC’s Hard Quiz for a dose of his lighter side.
Danielle Schutte

Danielle Schutte

Danielle joined the Mobilise board in 2021 after a conversation with Noah where they decided they could change the world. After 2 years of volunteering, she decided that the only way we could get there was to focus on the mission full-time, when she joined as Chief Operating Officer.

Danielle has always been interested in the big global systems that impact people’s lives every day and has built a career on trying to understand and change these for the better.

This long-time hospo worker journeyed through a Masters in Public Health, stints in advocacy, to management consulting in the health sector and a strategy at a large federal government agency.

She’s been able to use this to develop our flagship programs from scratch and build the back-end of Mobilise into a more efficient operation, and making sure we’re focussed on using technology to help us help our friends on the street. You can check out her weirder side in her passion project: a podcast mixing health technology and the healing powers of music.

Otherwise you can find her riding a scooter to a gig near you or doing circus aerial tricks (badly).

CEO Noah Yang

Noah Yang

Noah is the Founder of We Are Mobilise and currently serves as Managing Director/CEO.

Challenged by the understanding that no-one in Australia should have to sleep on the street, the Mobilise journey began when Noah and a friend set out with bags of bread to have conversations with those they met. Since that day, Noah has lead We Are Mobilise from a grassroots movement focused on assertive outreach through to an ACNC-registered national charity which has recently completed the $2 million+ Nedd Brockmann campaign – positioning it ready to deliver impact across its 3 core pillars.

Noah’s background was in management consulting and he has an inquisitive nature, passionate about leveraging commercial solutions to make a social impact.

He has coupled a diverse consulting experience with a global education, informing his passion for innovation and an eagerness to deploy an entrepreneurial approach to business building.

Outside of Mobilise, Noah enjoyed building a project called ‘ASX Investor’ – a digital media channel that amassed 25,000+ total followers and featured interviews with CEO’s from across the ASX.


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